Why Buddha Air is safe till now ? (With Pictures)

The airline started operations in October 1997 with a brand new Beech 1900D. The name of the air line is derived from the Sanskrit word “Buddha” meaning enlightened preferably a title used for the much revered Siddhartha Gautam. Buddha Air is unique in flying only new aircraft that are delivered from the factory. The average age of the aircraft is 4 years.
Buddha Air’s services are operated from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Bhadrapur, Biratnagar, Janakpur, Simara, Bharatpur, Bhairahawa, Dhangadi and Nepalgunj, as well as chartered flights and daily Mountain Flights.

After 12 years of dedicated non-stop service, more than 100,000 flights hours logged in with over 3 million passengers flown to nine destinations with permanent runways in the country, Buddha Air today is the largest domestic air travel operator in Nepal employing more than 500 experienced professionals. The company has the largest fleet of the world’s best aircrafts amongst all domestic airliners in operation with four 18 seats Beechcraft-1900 D, three 47 seat ATR-42 & one 72 seat ATR-72-500 flying out to all the trunk routes with a minimum of 1200m of permanent runway. It is the company’s policy to place saftet at the highest priority.

1) Buddha Air Beechcraft-1900 D

2) Buddha Air ATR-42

3) Buddha Air ATR 72-500

(ATR 42 and 72-500 seems similar difference is number of seats)

Buddha Air’s saftey record and reliability has earned the airlines a host of awards including the Highest Saftey Award given by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation of the Government of Nepal as well as a list of the most esteemed clientele in Nepal including most UNO i.e. United Nations Organizations, all major diplomatic missions, international non government organization as well as national level organizations.

Buddha Air prides itself in maintaining an absolutely clean and transparent financial accounting which is one of the reasons why the company has gained the trust of some of Nepal’s major banks as well as international institutions like the International Finance Corporation/World Bank (IFC/WB), General Insurance of India. Starting with an authorized capital of NRS 70 million the company cleared its loan of NRS 71 million within 6 years of its establishment. On 27 Sep 2004, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation honored Buddha Air for being the first among private sector airlines in foreign exchange earnings during the fiscal year 060/061. The company’s good governance practices earned the confidence of the International Finance Corporation/World Bank who provided a loan of USD 10 million for the purchase of the latest addition in Buddha Air’s fleet, the ATR 42.

Buddha Air places grrat emphasis on saftey and as well as operating new modern equipment, each aircraft is fully equipped with navigational aid equipment and flights are only operated in airports with asphalt runway of nky less than 4000 feet length. The maintenance and engineering department has a fully trained work force including 45 cockpit crew, 5 flight operation officers, 18 qualified engineers and 31 technicians. We maintain an inventory of aircraft and engine spares replacing any part that doesn’t pass our tests regardless of whether it is new or old with absolutely new parts. Buddha Air has also successfully completed a Cooperative Development of Operational Saftey and Continuing Airworthiness Projects -South Asia audit as a ardent followers of the manufacturers and industry standard in the performance of our flight operations maintenance and safety procedures. Buddha Air has renewed its aviation insurance for the 12th consecutive year with zero claims, something no other airline in Nepal had done.

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