Letter to Dad. 

Dear Dad,
I’m quite well here hoping you, mom and sister all are doing good at home. I haven’t been in touch for a long due to my busy schedules. Sorry for that. Now I have started to work in an office related to import and export. It is related to my study as well as has become base for business career.

Actually, my post is an assistant to Business Manager in the office. I have to handle all the works related to office management in absence of him. I have taken this occasion as a fortunate period to learn some ideas about the business. The infrastructure of the office is pefect along with all the facilities for the staff. Luckily, I happened to be recruited in such fine zone even if I do have minimal academic qualification and efficiency.

Of course, the work is not much harder. As you know I was talented in calculation that is very useful now. I have confidently handled all the business transactions of the office. Mr. Moti is the Manager. He is loyal and praiseworthy personality. He ever encourages me for my promotion and gaining something. The salary is also enough for my study and daily survival. Please don’t worry about my expenditure for the present.

Convey my sweet regard and humble respect to my mother. I will mention if any new thing happens in the up coming letters.

Your’s Son



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