कस्तो लाग्यो “LoL NEPAL” Pradeep Khadka लाई, जान्उ वाहाकै आवाजमा 

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Pradeep Khadka, well know as Preem Geet. Pradeep started his film career in 2011 as a filmmaker and an actor, establishing his own film production company. However, he remained largely unnoticed until 2015 before Prem Geet was released.
It was reported that Pradeep was chosen for his role in Prem Geet through an open audition. Prior to joining the movie industry, Pradeep was a student of marketing and ran a non-government organization.

Prem Geet 2 will feature actors Pradeep Khadka, Ashlesh Thakuri, Bhuwan Chand and Raja Ram Poudel in lead rolesAccording to producers, the film will be shot in Mugu, Lumbini, Thailand and

Myanmar Prem Geet is expected to hit theatres in 13 shrawan, 2074/28th July 20.

 While we were promoting Pree Geet 2 in our Facebook Fan Page & Site we had a short chat with Pradeep Khadka. He really loved us. You can check out what he told about us. Watch Now 

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By: Deepak


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