New song from Prem geet 2 “BISTARAI BISTARAI” is released.

Posted by: Alan xettri

PREM GEET 2 is a romantic movie which reflect “Redefining love”

The film will be directed by Ram Sharan Pathak. Speaking at the function, he said, “The film is a love story. We have this challenge to make the film better than its predecessor, and we will be working for that.”

Prem Geet 2 will feature actors Pradeep Khadka, Ashlesh Thakuri, Bhuwan Chand and Raja Ram Poudel in lead rolesAccording to producers, the film will be shot in Mugu, Lumbini, Thailand and Myanmar.Prem Geet is expected to hit theatres in 13 shrawan, 2074/28th July 2017

The trailer of the movie is still not out yet but it will come out on the month of asar so stay tuned for the awesome trailer of the movie. This movie is the second part of the first successful movie “Prem geet “.The movie became hit on the year of the release .I guess every one of the viewers has watched the awesome movie .

Watch the video with every song of prem geet 2 released up to date:

Audio Jukebox – PREM GEET 2 Nepali Movie Song 2017 Ft. Pradeep Khadka, Aaslesha Thakuri

A new song is out on the social medias with a video .The song is “Bistarai Bistarai “.A well-known song by “Rohit john chettri”.This is the best song I have ever heard.I guess every one of the viewers are fan of this song .But it is now retouched with a video from a movie Prem geet 2. This is kind of a travel song.The link to the video is down below.Watch and enjoy you will love it😍😍

New Nepali Movie Prem Geet 2 | Bistarai Bistarai Ft Pradeep Khadka, Aaslesha Thakuri

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